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This is a list of some interesting people, places and things. This is different from our Interests, because we say it is! And this list changes ever so often.

bullet Cute Overload
bulletYou haven't seen anything until you visit the cuteologists at this web site. They post the best pictures of cute animals of every kind. They always get a smile out of me. Many times even a hoot.
bullet Independent Movies
bulletThe Angelika Movie Center in Dallas was the first independent theater in Dallas. It's hard to imagine life without the independent movies on a whelm.  
bulletRunner's World
bulletWho would have thought that at 45 1/2 years old one would realize they are a long-distance runner. That is exactly what has happened to Gina so just about every day she's out running. She feels like Forest Gump sometimes except without the beard!
bulletDallas Screenwriters Association
bullet"The premier screenwriting association that furthers the art and craft of screenwriting in Dallas. Each month the DSA holds a meeting with speakers as diverse as producers, directors, agents, and of course writers from all facets and genres. Members also attend the monthly scene readings where their script is read by local acting talent.